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[how long does fleshy zhongzi need to boil? ]

Article introduction

Believe everybody likes to eat fleshy zhongzi, the fleshy taste inside is very little after fleshy zhongzi is bitten sweet, and the nutrition of fleshy zhongzi is very rich, the polished glutinous rice outside contains rich starch and B a group of things with common features vitamin, still contain rich not saturated fatty acid, additionally the flesh inside is contained rich protein and a variety of microelement, will arrive henceforth dragon boat festival when, everybody can wrap a zhongzi to eat, so how long should fleshy zhongzi boil ability to you can eat?

How long does fleshy zhongzi need to boil?

How long does fleshy zhongzi need to boil?

Raw meat zhongzi boils about 2 hours with flourishing fire, stew of reoccupy small fire is made an appointment with 3 when going up, can edible.

Look those who buy is ripe still be semi-manufactured goods, ripe need heat to fall only, 10 minutes or so are boiled in boiled water, time of semi-manufactured goods need is bit longer, the zhongzi of aspic had better be changed boil again

Ripe zhongzi is put in after water boil boil 15 minutes or so with common boiler went.

The doohickey of the zhongzi that boil: After water boils, the zhongzi that boil just must fall zhongzi, water wants dip to cross Zong face, wait for after boiling afresh, reoccupy flourishing fire boils 3 hours to control can. Do not add unboiled water in process of the Zong that boil. Want Zong of advertent Jian water to cannot be boiled together with other zhongzi. After been boilA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Take the advantage of heat to be taken out. Zong part of a historical period is opened when eating, zong sweet spray is nasal, the entrance is oily and not be bored with, glutinous and do not stick, xian Tian moderate,

How long does fleshy zhongzi need to boil?

How is fleshy zhongzi wrapped delicious?

Because every place has packet of zhongzi, but the zhongzi with respect to fontal city is to mix outside different. Its unique flavorNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city
Path try to know.

Raw material: The buttock before the pig is pointed, the scale of flesh of polished glutinous rice and rice is 3: 5 the left and right sides (namely 3 jins of flesh, 5 jins of appearance of rice) , soy, salt, white sugar, gallinaceous essence, cooking wine

1, preparation works:

Zong leaf: If be new Zong part of a historical period, it abluent, root ministry (have two small pointed tips) cut off a bit, the boiled water that boil, go in Zong Xie Fang boil 3, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend
5 minutes OK; If be dry Zong leaf,want bubble one day first, zong leaf bubble soft, cut off a ministry hind and fresh same processing.

Rice: Clean out rice to want fast, do not let rice draft as far as possible. With trailing plantsForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Rice accuses to work, put a little while a little (Milihui eats go in a bit water) . Add soy, salt (soy is a bit much) .

The flesh: leather take out, fat lean lean is apart, cut the about 3 flesh to 4cm square piece, fat lean lean piece the scale of several is in 1: 2 more appropriate. Fall in past flesh cooking wine, soy, salt and a bit candy, gallinaceous essence. Wine much dot is delicious, soy is put less a bit. Till fleshy extensive gives Bai Mei,use hand rub, demonstrative flavour eats already completely went inside the flesh.

How long does fleshy zhongzi need to boil?

2, the method that includes a zhongzi:

Zong leaf cent understands aspect of positive and negative (the one side of wool is the opposite, can see foliaceous diameter distinguish, what diameter rouses outside is the opposite) , in openly face, wrap pillow Zong. With cotton thread careless perhaps rope is fastened. What zhongzi package has come out to eat and be fastened is close incompactShanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
Very relative. Every zhongzi must put fat, otherwise unpalatable.

3, measure of the zhongzi that boil:

A caldron, must quite deep. Put in the zhongzi, add water, water should have done not have a zhongzi. Conflagration is boiled, again small fire boils 3 hours. General again big zhongzi boils 2 ~ 3 hours with small fire.

Attention: Among the zhongzi that boil must not cease-fire, must maintain water is big. Be likeForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Discover the zhongzi is weak if really, salt and soy can be added in the water of the zhongzi that boil, flavour of the period of time that boil can go in.

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