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[abstain fabaceous Chi dace]

Article introduction

Fabaceous Chi dace is a kind of very common traditional cate, the flesh of dace is qualitative not only delicate, and taste flavour is particularly delicious, because dace is a kind of economy model fish, be at ordinary times1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Very suffer everybody to love, the nutrition in dace also is very rich, especially protein content is very tall, dace at ordinary times having a way is particularly much, fabaceous Chi dace is very common have a way, but a lot of people won’t oneself are made.

 Abstain fabaceous Chi dace

What is the method that contains fabaceous Chi dace?

The material that make


Peanut oil 30 grams, salt 5 grams, gourmet powder is 10 grams, pepper a few, wet unripe pink is right amount

Raw material:

Dace 500 grams, 100 grams of fabaceous Chi, oil 500 grams

Souse makings:

Salt right amount

Be born smoke, weak soup, candy, oil is right amount

Dish type practice

1, dace is abluent, go scale goes splanchnic, scatter again on fabaceous Chi, salt, gourmet powder, pepper, ginger flay cuts end, green cuts beautiful;

2, burn the oil below boiler, put Jiang Mo, fabaceous Chi, dace Jian sweet;

3, tick off Gorgon euryale to scatter with wet unripe pink on chopped green onion.

 Abstain fabaceous Chi dace

Eat dace to want what to notice

What person can eat fresh dace, but the goods such as the can that uses dace make it does not suit 3 tall patients to eat, the meeting in machining a process because of the goods such as dace can adds a few material, especially salt, destroyed the nutrition of dace itself thereby, cause a few diseases more easily.

From here we can know, when eating dace, must notice to eat fresh dace, to it relevant treatment is tasted should as far as possible eat less, suffer from especially a fewShanghai night net

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, need to control food more.

Returning those who need an attention is, dace spur is much and small, no matter be adult,still be a child so, want to notice to come to fishbone winkle when eating dace, avoid to swallow spur happening accident.

Can pregnant woman eat dace?

Dace contains a lot ofA of a large number of protein, vitamin, calcic, magnesian, Selenium to wait for nutrient element, the flesh is qualitative delicate, taste is little. Look from angle of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, dace flavour pleasant, sex is smooth, avirulent, taste of blood of good energy of life, cure is frail the effect that knows pass water. Pregnant woman is OK during be pregnant right amount eat a few dace, mix to the mother’s body fetal have profit.

 Abstain fabaceous Chi dace

Soup of dace of arrowroot of pink of bare red bean

Effect: Dispel is the fire below clear heat, wet dry

Material: Bare red bean arrowroot of 100 grams, pink 1/4 of 750 grams, dried tangerine or orange peel, dace 400New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Gram, ginger 3.

Practice: Bare red bean, dried tangerine or orange peel parts abluent, dried tangerine or orange peel goes arrowroot of flesh; pink husks abluent, ; of stripping and slicingShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Dace is slaughtered abluent, go dirty miscellaneous, slow fire simmer in water comes small yellow. Put into made of baked clay Bao together with ginger next inside, join clearShanghai night net

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Water 2500 milliliter () of about 10 bowls of quantities, after boil of high heat Bao, bao of instead slow fire 2 hours, transfer into right amount salt but.

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