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The skin of human body is very flimsy, be likeShanghaiForum of Shanghai night net

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Fruit and acerber article undertake osculatory, bring about the skin easily to be damaged and appear cut, after cut is undertaking handling, meet as the extension of time slowly begin to undertake scabby, if cut is more serious, scabby number of plies also becomes much, some patients discovered yellow scab of cut occurrence knot, is this the specification was about to restore? So cut knot yellow scab how long can good?

Cut knot yellow scab how long can good

The first, cut knot yellow scab how long can good? If the scab put oneself in another’s position of cut heal generation is minor, wait for its fromLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Fall off like that can; if scab put oneself in another’s position is larger, heal of the skin below scab is poorer, should timely seek medical advice, the scab body of dissociate of ministry of play a game of chess undertakes keeping clear of, avoid as far as possible one-time scab body take out, can affect scabby heal result. After Ying Yuqing is achieved, grant annihilate of free scab body, reservation has not sever scab system, after changing medicine through period of time, the tissue below scab can heal completely, scab experience falls off naturally. Face of local to the function pulling force or joint manage scab system, should wait for its proper motionFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Fall off, form scar relatively lesser, lesser to influence of articulatory face motion.

Cut knot yellow scab how long can good

The 2nd, to doing not have the cut of inflammation, scabby hind we do not need to do what processing, need to protect wound only, shun cut press press, avoid cut to affect can1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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. And to the cut that a few have inflammation, once scabby we need to judge cut interior to whether purulent fluid and ulcer appear, if purulent fluid and ulcer appear, need clears in time scab skin, clear scab is hypodermic and necrotic organization and purulent fluid, avoid the accentuation that cut affects. If scab skin of the patient is harder, the pledget wet spread that can use physiological saline to immerse is on scab skin, medical treatment of the reoccupy after Shi Fu cuts annihilate scab skin, annihilate hind is seasonable1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Make good sore range clear the job, after clearing, still need to use the medicaments at square and so on of family name binding off to undertake assisting cure, stimulative cut as soon as possible cicatrization. During cure, the patient is goluptious still take a few antiphlogistic medicaments, control cut inflammation.

Cut knot yellow scab how long can good

Cut knot yellow scab how long can good? Local skin cleanness maintains in suggesting to live daily, with skin mucous membrane iodic bend over is disinfected, the proposal goes to a hospital examination, cooperate cure, proposal according to the doctor’s diagnosis you see a doctor dermatological department, maintain local skin cleanness. Scabby it is yellow, the specification that still has ooze liquid has those who affected! Wanted to be handled in time! Otherwise infection accentuation was bothered! Directive opinion: Using hydrogen peroxide solution to clean is must, iodic bend over is disinfected also very be necessary! Antiphlogistic medicine should continue to eat! Had better use recombine person skin to grow factor undertakes repair is handled!

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