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[pole vault is tall] how does _ of _ high jump move – of _ motion method

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Lever high jump is the athletics sports project that a kind of mankind overcomes fear, very tall to behavioral continuity and harmonious sex requirement. If want to learn stay bar high jump, need athlete should take exercise from airframe above all begin, master behavioral essentials stage by stage, repass relapses for many times drill, final ability does high jump of good stay bar to move.

How to do high jump of good stay bar to move

1, exercise a lightsome body

Pole vault, just as its name implies is to use a fine pole to prop up the ground, play oneself body, jump over a few meters tall rail. Accordingly, want to gain remarkable success in pole vault motion, what that has to jump is enough tall, the body that also means an athlete wants enough and lightsome, the height with ability taller hop.

How to do high jump of good stay bar to move

In taking exercise daily, we want as far as possible exercise bodily form, the figure control oneself compares well-balanced situation relatively in. Have due muscle power already, have enough and lightsome body againShanghai Long Feng forum

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Body, this is first-rate state.

How to do high jump of good stay bar to move

Do gem gal: The purpose of gem gal itself depends on the bones and muscles of active body, for him model form, insist for a long time to do gem gal to be helpful for us creating the body bodily form that gives satisfaction;

2, movement of technology of adroitness control pole vault

Want to do exercise of good pole vault, principal is the technical movement of adroitness control pole vault of course, normative oneself each motion detail, accomplish have compasses have moment, behavioral standard.

The spurt that maintain staff is included in pole vault motion, insert lever and take off, these technical movements ask the athlete is accomplished accurate without by accident, ability play gives due level.

3, the motion of hep pole vault is regular

Each motion has the athletic regulation of its oneself, how have a standard doing these exercise just is the key is engaged in stay bar1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Jump when this moves, we must have understood its motion regulation ahead of schedule, knowing what movement is allowed, what movement is forbidden.

4, good body balance holds when taking off

When inserting lever smoothly to take off, must have mastered the balance of own body, cannot to certain direction tilts, want straight forward square capriole, such ability assure to maintain the altitude since. On competition ground, it is good to because the body does not have control evenly,have a lot of athletes and deviate books orbit, brush a shoulder with medal and pass. So, the balance sex of the bodyForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Very important, ask we strengthen experience in taking exercise daily.

5, the position is adjusted when crossing lever

In front a series of the movement is to assure to the athlete can cross lever smoothly and do not come up against rail, this has adjusted this position when crossing lever with respect to need. Cross lever first by leg radicals by which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese dictionaries, arrive next the body is mid, finally is hand ministry crosses lever, whole process body resembles arc of a semicircle, circling rail hop.

It is very important that posture crossing lever adjusts, decide whether the body can hit rail directly, need strengthens an exercise.

6, rail should be pushed after crossing lever

The most that becomes us after body Dou Yue crosses rail, remain an arm to return the other a side in rail only, be about to push stay bar energetically with the arm at that time, it is to let oneself continue to have on one hand a few up force, help him hop rail, it is to do not let stay bar on the other hand to protect fill up this a side to topple, affect us to descend prevent to get hurt.

7, the stay bar with choose a quality good for oneself

Labour desire be apt to its thing needs first benefit its implement, do good pole vault to must have a stay bar that suits his, appearance of degree of finish and tactility should match with oneself, such ability obtain fine in training and matchFall in love with the sea

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