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[take exercise can add fertilizer] _ adds fat _ how to add fat –

Article introduction

Generally speaking choose of normal person selected takes exercise have two reasons, it is to reduce weight, 2 it is to improve the health add muscle. But if one individual figure is too slim, look to the person can letting for the male especially extremely delicate, lack male male wind, at that time so male friend adds fertilizer to take exercise with respect to need. Add fertilizer to exercise the muscle that can allow the man to look more close solid, what can having to exercise a method so rise to add fertilizer efficiency fruit?

Take exercise can add fertilizer
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3 kinds of games let a person drill fatter more under:

1, the motion of great fortune momentum. After the motion of short time high strenth, blood sugar level can be reduced, make the person produces hungry move, at this moment people is met appetite soars, very adverse to reducing weight.

2, short time moves1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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. After moving 1 hour about, the energy that athletic place requires just with adipose for can be being given priority to. That is to say, if be in adipose when just beginning to decompose, people suspends campaign, affirmation of effect reducing weight is bad.

3, erupt quickly force moves. When undertaking force takes exercise fulminant quickly, those who get taking exercise basically is white flesh fiber, cross section of white flesh fiber is thicker. Accordingly, flesh group develop easily brawny, with this method meeting reducing weight jumps over Lian Yue fat.

Take exercise can add fertilizer

Patulous data:

Motion gains fat point

1, cooperate edibleSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Nutrition is special board

Special board food is to be aimed at special board crowd constitution and physiology function and a kind of food that designs technically. Angular crowd appropriative is special the energy requirement that board food can satisfy them, at the same time as a result of additive aggrandizement nutrition element, can enhance the immune power of angular crowd.

Special board food is OK and very good by angular crowd wronger gastric bowel way is digested absorb, but won’t increase metabolization burden. Food of edible spy board cooperates on the foundation of food and motion, can achieve health effectively, safe, the purpose of scientific weightening finish.

Take exercise can add fertilizer

2, increase quantity of heat1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Absorb measure

Any weightening finish, should let eat the calorie that go down the over calorie that use up. Every pile up the redundant quantity of heat of 5500 kilocalorie, theoretic, in the process that adds fertilizer in this motion, can help you add a kilogram of right-and-left meatForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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3, be engaged in muscle forging

Do not do muscle to take exercise, also should do intense exercise at least, the weight that adds otherwise, can pile up adipose, cannot transform muscle.

Muscle accepts training, the calorie with will redundant meeting, become sarcous constituent to pledge. And general campaign having oxygen, drop combustion the redundant calorie inside the body, instead the purpose of short of weightening finish. When doing muscle to train, should be aimed at trunk and limbShanghai Long Feng forum

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Skeletal flesh.

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