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Strange unreal collision overcomes Su Lu! Independent ARPG ” the tide of existence ” open is numerous chip

Yalikeduolian, once was the person that serve the heretical adjudgement of deities. However he discovered old and evil phyletic, be being eroded from inside the shadow and operate heretical adjudgement is round. The open world ARPG that develops in this independence ” the wet Tides Of Existence of existence ” in, the whole emperor that he must face these old gods and him to ever was belonged to is met organization.

” the tide of existence ” it is an open world that fills all sorts of jobs, player amid can explore each places freely, fight with an eccentric person. Yalikehui often gets other and heretical the menace of the person that rule, in other and heretical adjudgement person in the eye, hero Alick is a traitor. Careful exploration and investigation have in game through the player, aux will be able to finds Alick quite and their opposed method.

This play is current and only two development staff, indiegogo is numerous chip 60000 dollars raise money to be developed in order to assist on the website. Two people are affirmatory, ” the tide of existence ” will develop all the time, no matter whether get enough capital support.

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