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Recrudesce of shady area wind and cloud ” whole area blocks ” seal temporarily stay player prison term full already

In the past in the time of a month, atelier of Massive of Yo green jade is busying all the time amend ” whole area blocks ” (Tom Clancy S The Division) the Bug of Caspian quantity and flaw. To punish a few players that use systematic loophole, development business undertook sealing date temporarily to these people, their fictitious term of imprisonment ended nowadays.

Major cribber is concentration that before half month Yo greens jade when clearing, got seal a two weeks penalty, that is to say they can return to battlefield to lift billows again again now.

Of course everybody should gain an opportunity the 2nd times, the player that nevertheless Yo green jade has begun to exploit loophole again to those is carried out permanent the penalty that seals date, hope this kind of measure can give up this part player once more cogged year.

Yo greens jade of this game 1.2 upgrade the patch can be in allegedly the last ten-day of a month is released this month. Had not announced what how can the firm just make do cribber effectively to upgrade at present detail, the player that because this game is a lot of mediumer,uses loophole still is at large.

What form bright contrast with its is blizzard recently of put on sale ” keep watch pioneer ” this game, blizzard acceptance will be carried out to cogged player permanent a penalty that prohibit.

If if you are in today,so biff of shady area experience is killed surely, do not want too open-eyed, right after all game is not cogged for certain player do not have a law to play.

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