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” anthem ” 50 minutes of train in excess specified length demonstrate legend bond task to reveal

Recently ” anthem ” chief producer Ben Irving and Emily Taylor of advanced toll-gate stylist a direct seeding ” anthem ” , grow 55 minutes when. This direct seeding basically was revealed ” anthem ” the armour of chance of You Xia sign in game and legend bond task, those who use is key rat operation. Emily is in game industry from course of study 12 years long, come BioWare between about 1 year of half, what basically be in charge of is ” anthem ” in spy task.
According to Taylor, ” anthem ” legend bond task by 3 different force in game — free soldier, ban defend and secret art division is respective ” spy ” give. The government designs these jobs is assign of understanding of help player more the part of this task and the interest that they represent. In addition, legend bond task includes different task measure, can change every time, before including to compare worse enemy, change more high-ranking award. The player asks ” anthem ” the prize that if why handle those players on the ground,did not collect. Reply of chief producer Irving says: “Basically, if you do not collect master degree or legend class goods, we send you mail. But the other level article that remain, if you are not collected, did not have. ” the player that Irving still suggests to attend Demo 上海千花网

plays all machine armour, the color playing a way that sees which machine armour suits him most. About You Xia sign chance armour is in ” anthem ” in the world, javelin machine armour is the player is outside Daxisibao astringent and wild in western key. These powerful machine armour deserve to have the rate that pushs device and weapon to give place of the task that finish to need and fire. Javelin machine armour is the delicate work that makes by handiwork of secret art division, and only the technology drives excellently can apply the real potential that exhibits a machine armour. You Xia date is the shell of machine of the first javelin that the player uses, nevertheless as the plan that finish, lock of player general solution is all armour of 4 javelin machine. Additionally 3 are colossus date respectively, intercept date and windstorm date. Be in ” anthem ” in, all free soldiers use You Xia name when recieve training. Because it is used the most easily,this is not, however because its use is the most extensive. In soldier ace hand, you Xia date can own shell of other javelin machine cannot the fighting capacity that look forward to reachs. Armour of machine of javelin of You Xia date has all sorts of different capacity, and can beat without any war situation it. The You Xia name that can use all sorts of weapon sort can yield enemy take sb by surprise, and suit a爱上海同城

ny teams go executing any missions. Hammer of battle of electrical shock of ability of fighting at close quarters of armour of machine of javelin of You Xia date: When You Xia armour of date javelin machine plans to undertake close quarters fights when, it will take out hammer of battle of an electrical shock to give out electrical shock of a high pressure. The grenade that equipment of grenade of armour of machine of javelin of You Xia d上海千花社区

ate can use quickly will cause limits quickly to harm is significant group control a medium. Has transformed grenade can be used at after go up and equiping, battlefield can produce different result, surround cold icy water or be to track grenade. Splintery grenade: Breathtaking harm is caused inside big range. Tartarean fire grenade: Ignite location to cause harm and ignite the enemy. Austerity grenade: Harm freezing enemy. Track grenade: Dissension tracks the enemy around into many bullet medicine. Stickiness bomb: Sticky the tall harm that is stuck to single goal to cause little scope explodes. The artifice emitter of date of You Xia of equipment of emitter of assault of armour of machine of javelin of You Xia date can lade all sorts of different model groups offer additional sudden firepower. This can offer bouncier battle way and can quickly knockdown menace. Track missile: Fire the missile of target of a can automatic search, the meeting after hitting the target causes little scope to explode. Energy concussion: Release a powerful energy, attack wi上海千花网

th mysterious force to single goal. Spark beam of light: Launch a energy beam of light ceaselessly to cause harm continuously. Virulent dart: Shoot a batch of dart that seek a target automatically and cause strong acid harm. Blow up missile: Fire a missile, explosive hind causes Geng to surround harm. Armour of machine of javelin of You Xia date assists equipment as the battlefield commander with an excellent technology, you Xia date can create special gas field to help teammate gain tactical advant上海千花网交友

age. Dot of hide supplies to prevent the enemy from seizing them: Field of gas of a circle comes to deploy flick enemy square bullet. Collect node: Make field of a gas be the teammate inside limits to promote a weapon to harm You Xia nail of date javelin machine is final emitter of missile of skill much target: Soldiers can show the real strength of javelin machine armour through the culminating skill with sp爱上海同城论坛

ecial deploy. The harm of of essence of life is caused in battlefield each district, the emitter of much target missile of You Xia date comes to use navigation missile to lock up decide the goal with a large number of quick actions. Video picture:

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