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” Robin Hood of pilfer of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct: The person that crown is guarded ” before look up

Be in early 80 time end at the beginning of 90 time, cinemaware has been in with this name Commodore 64, make on Amiga and PC-DOS platform mix about boxing other various game. This company made a 上海同城对对碰交友社区

lot of game be like It Came From The Desert, lords Of The Rising Sun and TV department of physical education are listed. The company will be PC now, xbox, and the brand-new 3D version that Defender Of The Crown of his most welcome a game makes on PlayStation 2 platform. .

If you had seen the movie, what thing will produce after I guess you to know this paragraph of dialog for certain so, let us wanton together the ground is bad laugh!

In Robin Hood: The cacique of famous bandits serves as in Defender Of The Crown, he will be mixed oneself at hand together with evil usurp the throng person the at hand of John king, govern上海同城对对碰交友社区

or of corrupt Nuo Ding Han state makes a fight. The accompany of Robin Hood includes Little John, friar Tuck, with Will Scarlet. They are the directive teachers of Robin Hood not only, and also be game 5 main mode: Archery, sword ability, field operations, besiege the expert of battle and equestrian war side.

Robin is guiding his at hand and bey and his trusted followers to make a fight. Robin often copes with enemy taxi arms personally on the road of Sherwood, either shooting them is spirit away their gold coin. When be concealed in the tree to carry use bow on the head, will complete an action with perspective of the first person. Although be in this locally Robin cannot move, but can conceal oneself with the right key of the mouse. By close mouse Zun Jian aims at the enemy, loosen next have fire. Robin must lay his target, if once his dry is individual soldier, robin is OK 5 gold coin get on every soldier body. If he will all hold the trader that has a weapon dry, he can win the award of 100 gold coin, it is trade caravan has a lot of bow that riding a horse only the hand is in guard, want put sb out of the way all businessmen appear very difficult. Once Robin is harmed by 3 arrows, he is forced to withdraw from battlefield, and still can lose all gold coin.


he epigone of Robin people the leading role that serves as other mode. For example, little John is directing large quantities of army to have a fight in the field operations of game. On the old proportiona爱上海同城手机版

l map in one of 38 province of England, in battlefield by the farmer, officers and soldiers and the legionary fight closely that bow hand comprises are together. Their attack goes up in the foundation of amount and force. Although you can bring huge advantage in more amounts on battlefield, but skill and maneuverability also can give you very great help, comparative roughly in the bilateral amount on the map especial阿拉爱上海同城

ly when. If you can circle the enemy the base of rear attack the other side, you will cause additional harm to the other side.

When whether fighting can be when whether fighting, you controlled only so little soldier? If be if, can have a place so not quite make a person satisfactory.

Although the surface comes up,the style that watchs this kind of behavior that collects gold coin 上海夜网

and game has nothing to do, the company that make hopes to made game consummate combine a variety of game styles to resemble the new play of strategic war and Ma Zhan for what differ with 1987 edition afresh, fortunately, new play is not the sort of set make afresh, it is having breathtaking and open-eyed beautiful picture and professional speech effect. The dialog of the British oral speech sound that the level contains in Defender Of The Crown Presents is by professional actor dub. The gut of game is same very outstanding.

Robin Hood of Cinemaware hope by means of: Defender Of The Crown is in PC, the Xbox, the brand-new figure that increases on And and PlayStation 2 version, improved its game sex and the mediaeval color that add the respect such as speech dialog to be able to reproduce original work.

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