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Double-fold eyelid is people special the look of a kind of look that like, because the appearance of double-fold eyelid is lovely, more can absorbing to females, accordingly, personage of blame double-fold eyelid hopes to become his eyelidShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Double, and direct method is through pulling double-fold eyelid operation, but the risk with constant presence of this kind of operation, look below what to pull double-fold eyelid to notice? Hope everybody can understand a few.

What to pull double-fold eyelid to notice?

1, do not demolish gauze forcibly: Usually the doctor is in finish the meeting after the operation sticks eye of a gauze to go up, should pull down after 24 hours gauze, oneself can be demolished slowly, also can look for a person to help, but should remember pulling down forcibly gauze, so probable meeting brings about haemorrhage, tearing open the case that does not drop to fall is bloodstain and gauze are stuck to normally, had better look for a doctor to help.

2, the cut after art avoids to touch water: Water is not contacted before cut take out stitches, avoid to affect. Dip in with cotton autograph everyday take erythromycin ointment to wipe go up in the eye. If there is secretion to be able to dip in with cotton autograph on the eye,physiological saline clears, the movement wants light.

3, art hind wants cold compress inside 24 hours, hot compress wants after 24 hours: In the operationA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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End hind is wrapping ice cube cold compress with towel, so OK subsidence of a swelling, precaution bleeds. Art hind wants hot compress 24 hours, subsidence of a swelling.

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4, be defeated by antiphlogistic medicine to be necessary: Internal injury mouth arrives two days after the operation the meeting is aching, these this is normal. Be affected for precaution nevertheless and faster restore, had better be defeated by the 3 fluid that arrive 5 days to the hospital.

What to pull double-fold eyelid to notice?

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5, the attention rests, do good extensive go back to work to make: The excessive exhaustion to avert an eye should notice to rest inside before the operation 3 days, do not want to watch TV for long as far as possible, play a mobile phone, play game, read, read a newspaper.

6, the pillow wants a bit taller: If the too small conference of pillow is aggravating the oedema of the eye.

7, food: Want to eat fresh vegetable fruit more during the eye restores, eat the food that contains protein to abound: Food of the flesh, egg, grandma, legume, do not eat acrimony stimulation food and easy cause oedema (hair) food if: Fish, leek, spinach.

8, strengthen eye ministry exercise: ?

What to pull double-fold eyelid to notice?

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