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[the man takes hotpot] – of advantage of _ of male of _ hotpot _

Article introduction

The flesh of hotpot is qualitative very fresh and tender, can the cate with rich strike out, get so the jubilation of people, actually, the nutrient value of hotpot is very high also, it is OK that for instance the man takes hotpot Zhuang Yang filling kidney, so hotpot is the tonic with very good male all the time, recommend the male friend with frail body to be able to eat more.

Does the man take hotpot? Male division expert answers back and forth!

One, above all, to average person, the food it doesn’t matter of tall adipose high protein, to the male, liver defect is more serious, the person with more serious nephrosis often ought to take care these food. Sleep namely the male with serious damage of function of liver, kidney, want to take care to eat hotpot.

Because hotpot pleasant is lukewarm, folk is called ” hair content ” , add hotpot to contain taller protein, adipose etc, have liver disease or cannot absorb completely after the male edible of nephrosis, excrete, easy cause liverish recrudesce accentuation, and the person that has nephrosis absorbs more protein, to nephritic harm degree is jumped over serious, can affect the normal physiology function of kidney even.

Does the man take hotpot? Male division expert answers back and forth!

2, next, have the man of acerbity on the high side of gouty, make water, should chaffy dish of little instant-boiled mutton, because hotpot chaffy dish is medium purine content is high, blood is entered to circulate after purine is absorbed by human body, through be being met after metabolizationShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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make water is acerbity, cause the symptom such as articulatory ache thereby.

Does the man take hotpot? Male division expert answers back and forth!

3, the 3rd, Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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The man of hot sex constitution takes hotpot easy suffer from excessive internal heat, normally expression is hot sex constitution: Often doing of suffering of talking around debaucjed, jealous, mouth, be agitated, pharynx and larynx is painful wait for a symptom with gum gall, such male is unfavorable feed hotpot more, pleasant of hotpot sex flavour is hot, the person of hot sex constitution is fed more cause easily ” suffer from excessive internal heat ” .

4, the 4th, after eating hotpot finally, be sure to keep in mind to drink boiled water. Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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This emphasize in male food because protein content is rich in hotpot,this is, and more tannic acid is contained in tea, eat hotpotLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Tea is drunk when, can produce tannic acid protein, make alvine peristalsis abate, then easy cause constipation.

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Should take food according to oneself constitution. The man that the constitution belongs to hot sex should eat bit of hotpot dog meat less, prevent suffer from excessive internal heat, and what gout and liver kidney patient also should notice to avoid hotpot is many take food.

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