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Silkworm chrysalis is a lot of people are preferredSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
A kind of eating food, its protein content is exceedingly high, have high grade egg white, have the very good effect that recuperates health care to the body, of silkworm chrysalis have a way more, for example can make it deepfry, or silkworm chrysalis of braise in soy sauce is waited a moment, also can use at ordinary times commonly used come bubble wine, also be first-rate a kind of medicinal liquor, what does the effect that will we come to see alcoholic drink of cicada aurelian bubble have?

The effect of wine of silkworm chrysalis bubble

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Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

The effect of wine of silkworm chrysalis bubble

Silkworm chrysalis wine is to show the medicinal material such as a silkworm chrysalis, medlar, red jujube puts 50-60 1-2 immerses in spent liquor month and into. Alcohol of pleasant of flavour of silkworm chrysalis wine, color resembles black teaLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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, taking out when taking should first attenuant. Silkworm chrysalis wine has very powerful officinal effect, have smooth liver, raise kidney, aid Morpheus, thick digest, relieve a cough wait for effect. But effective remedial insomnia, raise the symptom such as heat of lung of immune force, cure, cough, at the same time if the word of old people hypertension can drink wine of a few silkworm chrysalis right amountly, can not fall solely so blood pressure, the symptom such as sclerosis of OK still and effective blood-vessel of precautionary heart head, coronary heart disease.

The effect of wine of silkworm chrysalis bubble

Although silkworm chrysalis has so much effect, but at the same time because it is high protein food, the item that still has a lot of so needs to notice. Because form the basis of silkworm chrysalis,be protein above all, so a few allergic to protein people want to be taken carefully, also can be opposite otherwise silkworm chrysalis is allergic. Next, although it has effect to hypertensive patient, but do not suit 3 tall patients, because its cholesterol content is too high, probable meeting is aggravating after 3 tall patients are taken illness, suffer from again even on diabetic. Do not have finally treated silkworm chrysalis cannot eat, cannot cold and dressed with sause, it is bug after all kind, still had better be in the edible after thoroughlying cook. With general food same also, when occurrence metamorphism, also can not take.

Although silkworm chrysalis is a kind of nourishment, but whether to suitLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Oneself is taken or should decide according to the circumstance, if be silkworm chrysalis of normal person edible,also meet too much inside short time careful problem appears the harmful response such as disgusting, retch. Resemble silkworm chrysalis so kindShanghai Long Feng forum

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Can be used as medicine to be able to be become again already the food of nourishment, best can take below the doctor’s guidance. A lot of diseases althoughNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Can be treated with medicine, but the mood that still is inferior to keeping good at ordinary times, after all the mood just is best fine medicine.

The nutrient value of silkworm chrysalis

The nutrient value of silkworm chrysalis is extremely rich, it is source of valuable animal sex protein. The little aurelian place of 100 grams contains protein to be equivalent to lean lean of 34 grams pig, or 30 grams egg. Eat so little silkworm chrysalis can complement many protein.

The effect of wine of silkworm chrysalis bubble

Besides contain a large number of protein, silkworm chrysalis still contains the amino acid that place of 8 kinds of rich fatty acid, vitamin, human body needs to wait, and several times its amino acid content is pork, egg, milk, so silkworm chrysalis is a kind of very high grade edible insect. Silkworm chrysalis can enhance power of human body immunity, because this silkworm chrysalis is hind of a serious illness, constitution,weak, old person reachs puerpera postpartum advanced nourishment.

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