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[the main impurity in thick salt] _ of _ matter content how edible –

Article introduction

Thick salt is to did not pass artificial refined a kind of salt, the illuminate that is the briny course sunshine that seawater, salt well contains salinity etc commonly also or stoving divides water measure abstraction to come out etc. And because thick salt is done not have well fine, because this contains more impurity among them, if people wants to be used further first former, what does the main impurity in understanding thick salt with respect to need have, so below what does the main impurity in introduce thick salt in detail have?

 The main impurity in thick salt

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The impurity that contains in thick salt basically is MgCl2, after often smashing thick salt crystal on industry, with saturated salt leach is washed, after that again filter divides salt.

Measure of thick salt fine:

The more solubility impurity that contains in thick salt (calcium of magnesium chloride, chloridize, vitriolic natrium) for calcium of effectively eliminate magnesium chloride, chloridize, vitriolic natrium, the reasonable order that joins reagent has 3 kinds:

1. joins NaOH first, baric reagent is joined after, rejoin Na2CO3

2. joins baric reagent first, naOH is joined after, rejoin Na2CO3

3. joins baric reagent first, na2CO3 is joined after, rejoin NaOH

 The main impurity in thick salt

One, add water to dissolve thick salt

2, settling

3, superstratum clear night enters funnel to filter

4, evaporate filtrate park in Min, heat evaporate

This is simple processing, gotten saline crystal still needs farther extract (compound of ion of a lot of impurity and haloid simple substance or compound) are contained commonly in thick salt.

The main component of salt is NaCl, thick salt is to show NaCl contains impurity, solubility impurity is magnesium chloride more, chloricA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Change calcium to wait, not of dissolve sex silt waits.

The main operation of thick salt extract can divide for two parts: It is to filter, the purpose isShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Detached, 2 it is crystallization, the purpose is the solubility impurity depart that makes NaCl and solubility are abrupt form.

 The main impurity in thick salt

The purpose of the salt after experimental around divides another namer to measure thick salt and extract is the yield of computational thick salt.

Make filter should notice 3 want to nod brim of 1 filter paper to be in clingy beaker wall under pointed mouth of funnel brim, 2 funnel when device, 3 withShanghai night net

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Vitreous good drainage is stuck in place of three-layer filter paper.

? Evaporating in the process of filtrate, want to use vitreous marvellous agitate, the purpose is to because solution is local,prevent temperature is exorbitant, cause a liquid to splatter,

When filtrate is close to evaporate to work, should stop to heat, use evaporate the more than hot evaporate of Min is dry, if heat continuously,the argument that such doing is the state that meeting occurrence solid splatters.

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