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[towel gourd bean sprouts can be fried together] – of contraindication of food of _ of _ food recuperation

Article introduction

The taste of towel gourd is very delicate, the seed of towel gourd is soft of soft glutinous glutinous, won’t have the mastication with very good normal appearance, so the seed of towel gourd also can eat, additionally towel gourd can stir-fry together with bean sprouts, for instance soya bean bud fries towel gourd, delicate and delicate, also be pretty good together Lenten, suit the female during reducing weight quite, because consider,have adipose concern, eat towel gourd to be able to promote metabolism, increase adipose use up.

 Can be towel gourd bean sprouts fried together

Soya bean bud fries towel gourd to feed material introduction

Towel gourd 2, soya bean bud 250 grams, salt is right amount, gourmet powder is right amount,

Soya bean bud fries the practice measure of towel gourd

1, feed capable person: Towel gourd.

2, soya bean bud (already cleaned) .

3, clean towel gourd flay.

4, put on chopping board to cut hob piece, stand-by.

5, burn boiler to pour oil to burn heat, break up into soya bean bud below fry break up.

6, then, add up to towel gourd to break up fry break up fry.

7, next, add bit of salt, gourmet powder.

 Can be towel gourd bean sprouts fried together

Soup of lean lean of day lily towel gourd


Advocate makings: Do 80g of lean lean of 350g of towel gourd of day lily 80g

Complementary makings: Oily right amount salt is right amount unripe pink right amount Zhu Sheng is right amount gallinaceous essence is right amount

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1. first day lily dried food, use lukewarm bleb 20 minutes or so, clean two arrive 3 times, portion of crowded dry water reserves;

2. uses the lean lean section that buys unripe noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch next, salt and edible oil mix even souse is a short while.

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3. prepares towel gourd, day lily, zhu Sheng.

4. small skillet burns boiled water to add right amount salt next, gallinaceous essence flavors put day lily, zhu Sheng is burned.

5. puts towel gourd to boil a few minutes next.

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6. puts souse to good lean lean conflagration is burned and delimit lean lean finally medicinal powder make lean lean even be heated is thoroughlied cook can.

7. still has a few to eat the lettuce that remain to be put when giving boiler very hot ripe can.

8. Shang Shuiqing of ” of soup of lean lean of towel gourd of this ” day lily is delicious flavour, nutrition is rich, element of meat or fish is tie-in and even. Tipple protects strong and handsome facial expression.

Small hang

1, does Guan Xiaowei day lily hint your: ? Unconscious dirty of ∮ of Ping ú search is foolish look of? of mother Buddhist templeput on the brakes is dark the day lily with yellow a bit nigrescent both ends just is natural without what add, color of day lily dried vegetable is golden, the exterior is very beautiful is has machined day lily, everybody asks an attention. .

2, put lean lean to just can make so finally lean lean is boiled just the Reshangli that the ripe dip that return bubble is burning, mouthfeel of such lean sliced meat ability is fresh and tender sweet slip.

 Can be towel gourd bean sprouts fried together

Leek fries gram bud—-Clear irascibility


Leek 200 overcome

Initiative green bean sprouts is right amount saltA falls in love with the sea to be the same asA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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1. catchs two gram abluent, put in the basin, add bleb, avoid light is placed, probably 8 hours, bean expands can

2 bubble send the gram that pass, the model bowl that puts key point having a hole or in stainless steel basin, the hole eye below, can drop hourglass, go up with basin lid next, do not see light.

3 gram give out gemmule, everyday gram bud, rinse on water. Avoid light is placed on the lid next. I am put commonly excellent the cistern in, because contain the stainless steel basin of hole eye, as it happens can carry cistern to go up. The mesh below stainless steel, let current go out. Return breathe freely

4 probably between 4 climate, bean sprouts already very healthy and strong, can edible.

5 roots of bean sprouts and beard pick off

6 hot oil put abluent bean sprouts in, when bean sprouts has a few to become transparent, put next cut paragraph leek, one fry

7 involve fire finally, join salt to give boiler, fill dish

Small hang

Bought green bean sprouts, really not dare edible. It is bud of him hair gram so. Hair in controlling a process, resemble rushing with water everyday cool same, to gram bud went. Whole journey should avoid smooth. If bean became red, it is the bean that sees light is age perhaps normally. Hair is good, pick bean sprouts clean, still be eatable.

Clean leek, certain communications center is washed, the growth because of leek characteristic, generalLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Gush pesticide, want to be rinsed a few times more so, gift is nice.

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