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[Anhui zhongzi includes a method] – of encyclopedia of practice of _ of the _ method that make

Article introduction

Now every family special have deep love for cate, also like to have the distinguishing feature of a few different areas, arrived for instance dragon boat festival when a lot of people can wrap a zhongzi, but annual zhongzi is a kind of taste, and be place, feel the bag rises and do not have what originality, be inferior to can making Anhui zhongzi inside the home, anhui zhongzi does not have distinguishing feature, mouthfeel nutrition value is very high, and bag law is very distinctive also.

Anhui zhongzi includes a method

Zhongzi of Xianggu mushroom pork


Polished glutinous rice 900 grams, flay gram 700 grams, steaky pork 400 grams, the earthnut that take a skin 300 grams, dried 2, xianggu mushroom 8, salty yoke 6-8, pink of soy, candy, salt, the five spices, cooking wine is right amount, zong leaf, palm rope is right amount


1. gram wants shift to an ealier time one day bubble is good; Steaky pork cuts small, use in advance of pink of salt, candy, the five spices, soy, cooking wine one day to had bloated; In advance of polished glutinous rice 5, after 6 hours bubble is good, filter drops water, mix with little unboiled oil and salt divide evenly, put aside; Zong leaf is boiled, wipe next dry; Xianggu mushroom goes the base of a fruit, cut.

2. presses order next, spread leaf of a Zong to be on the table, put inter of a polished glutinous rice first, put a gram next, receive1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Wear a steaky pork, dried, salty yoke, Xianggu mushroom, earthnut is put in gram above. Spread an a gram, polished glutinous rice again then.

3. if Zong part of a historical period is quite great, can use leaf of a Zong to wrap the zhongzi, tuck up two sides first come, into strip, fluctuate again next 50% discount, rise zhongzi bag. Bit of power is used a little on the hand, zhongzi impaction, had bound with cord next.

4. heats one caldron water, when water leaves, put a zhongzi, conflagration boils 1-1.5 hour, can take ate. Enjoy delicate zhongzi slowly please.

Anhui zhongzi includes a method

Bacon zhongzi

Brief introduction gloomy of this zhongzi odour is sweet, fat profit is dainty.


Advocate makings: Polished glutinous rice 1000 grams, pig rib flesh (steaky pork) 350 grams,

Complementary makings: Bright Xianggu mushroom 70 grams, dried 100 grams, groundnut (unripe) 200 grams, onion (Bai Pi) 75 grams, egg 400 grams,

Condiment: Salt 15 grams, gourmet powder 4 grams, soy 70 grams, pepper 2 grams, peanut oil 80 overcome


1. egg is thoroughlied cook, rind, immerse 10 minutes with half cups of soy first chromatically.

Sauce of 2. flesh foul smell (meat stuffing is added Xianggu mushroom, onion and all sorts of condiment the sauce of make it) inside Cheng Zaisha boiler, put an egg, with small fire bittern 20 minutes, successor involving fire immerses by its, the fish out when edible can.

Flay of 3. general onion, abluent, mincing, bittern egg cuts small piece, unripe groundnut immerses with water; After steaky pork is braise in soy sauce, xianggu mushroom is abluent immerse with water, stand-by.

Anhui zhongzi includes a method

4. is fried peanut oil is entered inside boiler, powder of a few onion is put to explode after burning heat fry, join soy, refined salt, gourmet powder, pepper next, add right amount clear water, put steaky pork of braise in soy sauce, fry close to juice dry.

Pan of 5. general polished glutinous rice is clean, immerse about 2 hours with cold water, gan Malan uses cool boiled waterShanghai night net

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Leaf of 6. general Zong 300 grams are abluent, put into boiler, addShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Water is boiled soft scoop, waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall, reserve.

7. takes page of 3 pieces of Zong, wool side is opposite, put 1/3 polished glutinous rice first, join valve of egg of steaky pork of braise in soy sauce, Xianggu mushroom, bittern, dried, unripe groundnut, put 2/3 polished glutinous rice again zhongzi of form of Bao Chengsan horn, it is good that with Shi Malian careless by the waist binds a departmentShanghai night net

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, it is a zhongzi namely.

8. is good the bagNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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the zhongzi puts bowl inside, join clear water to boil about 2 hours with flourishing fire, stew of reoccupy small fire is made an appointment with 3 when going up, can edible.

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