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Pumpkin is not cold sex feed capable person, itLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Those who belong to a kind of lukewarm sex feed capable person, say cold to taste empty public figure so for, eating pumpkin at ordinary times do not have a problem completely, have the very good effect that recuperates intestines and stomach, it not only can promote defecate, and can keep clear of among intestines and stomach a few poisonous component, because be contained inside pumpkin,still basically be pectic, can produce the effect of this respect, we will read the content of this respect.

 Is pumpkin of cold sex

One, is pumpkin of cold sex

Pumpkin sex is lukewarm, flavour pleasant is avirulent, enter lienal, stomach 2 classics, can embellish lung beneficial is angry, expectorant platoon is thick, drive bug is alexipharmic, treat cough stop asthma, cure lung carbuncle and constipation, have the diuresis, effect such as hairdressing.

2, the action of pumpkin composition

1. is much carbohydrate

Pumpkin polysaccharide is intensifier of immunity of particularity of a kind of blame, can improve airframe immunity function, stimulative cell factor is generated, the adjustment that develops many sided to immune system through the way such as activation complement function.

2. kind carotene

Kind of rich carotene in pumpkin can change into the vitamin A that has important physiology function inside airframe, split up to the growth of epithelial tissue thereby, dimensionShanghai night net

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The growth that maintains normal vision, stimulative skeleton has important physiology function.

3. pectic

In pumpkin pectic can adjust the alimental inside the stomach draws rate, make carbohydrate is absorbed decelerate, solubility cellulose can defer the alimental inside the stomach the platoon is empty, the blood sugar after controlling a meal rises. Pectic still can be united in wedlock together with the redundant cholesterol inside body, make cholesterol is absorbed decrease, hematic cholesterol chroma drops.

 Is pumpkin of cold sex

4. mine pledges element

Pumpkin contains rich cobalt, cobalt is contained to measure head the list in of all kinds vegetable. The metabolism of cobaltic can active human body, stimulative hematopoiesis function, participate in the synthesis of B12 of the vitamin inside human body, it is place of cell of human body pancreas islet must microelement.

The vitamin C that contains in pumpkin can prevent nitric acid salt to become carcinogen in enteron change trains inferior nitric acid. The manna that contains in pumpkin is mellow, reduce the harm of the toxin in excrement and urine to human body. Pumpkin can remove carcinogenic substance inferior the choppy action of saltpetre amine. Have the effect that prevent cancer. Rich zinc is contained in pumpkin, participate in acid of human body kernel, egg1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Synthesize character in vain, it is the inherent composition of the cortin, humanness body grows the important matter of development.

3, dietotherapy

1. detoxify

Contain inside pumpkin vitamin and pectic, pectic have very good adsorptive sex, can cohere and remove toxin of the bacterium inside body and other and harmful material, the lead in be like heavy metal, mercury and1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Radioelement, have alexipharmic effect.

2. protects gastric mucous membrane, help aid digestion

Pumpkin place is contained pectic still can protect mucous membrane of gastric bowel path, avoid suffer coarse food stimulation, stimulative ulcer face cicatrizations, appropriate at stomach trouble patient. Pumpkin place contains composition to be able to promote bile to secrete, strengthen gastric bowel peristalsis, help food is digested.

 Is pumpkin of cold sex

3. removes carcinogenic substance

Pumpkin can remove carcinogenic substance inferior the choppy action of saltpetre amine, have the effect that prevent cancer, can help the refreshment of function of liver, kidney, enhance the recovery capability of cell of liver, kidney.

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I believe to pass browse the relevant material information above, everybody to pumpkin be cold sex food, had probably understood. Nevertheless, young editor still is mixed everybody is collective lukewarm reason. Pumpkin sex is lukewarm, do not belong to cold sex food. Pumpkin has relieve internal heat or fever, protect gastric mucous membrane, help aid digestion, remove carcinogenic substance, these action.

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